GOLDPACK packaging systems

Looking for high quality end of line packaging system?
Do you need reliable complete packaging solution?
Or you just want to optimize and enhance the performance of your current packaging system?

Than we kindly invite you to get to know more about our wide range of packaging products. We are specialized in the fields of palletizing (bags, packages, trays, boxes, bottles, kegs, shingles, rock wool,...), stretch wrapping, conveying, depalletizing and shrink wrapping.

Get more information about our packaging solutions by contacting one of our worldwide distributors or by contacting us by email or calling us.

Our products are applicable in all kinds of industries. Our extensive reference list shows in which industries you can apply our products and which leading companies already trusts in our products.

New, improved AOP and OP 161
Goldpack pallet wrapping machine AOP 161 Twist   Pallet wrapping machine AOP and OP 161 Twist with new technical solutions that deliver even greater rigidity and robustness, allowing greater wrapping speed.
High speed robot palletizer with 1800 cycles per hour
Goldapck RoboPAL  
The speed of robot palletizers is getting higher and higher. This time we are presenting the fastest RoboPAL ever with capacity up to 1800 cycles per hour, which means 1 cycle per 2 seconds.
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Ring wrapping machine for most demanding customers
Automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine AOP Sigma FX  
The Sigma FX automatic stretch wrapping machine with automaticaly adjustable film gripping, welding and cutting right next to the pallet no matter of pallet dimension.  With capacity up to 155 pallets per hour it's the most advanced ring wrapping machine on the market.
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