10 Reasons why choose Goldpack products

  • Quality: Goldpack uses for its products only the top quality components. Our guideline is not low cost, but high quality at reasonable price.
  • Reliability: Reliability of operation depends upon many factors: planning, quality of components, production quality and experience. Goldpack invests large amount of effort and time in all production phases: research. Planning, testing, production and after sales activity. By learning from own mistakes in long company history, the production process is set to minimize breakdown possibility on lowest level.
  • Inovation: Goldpack was pioneer and it still is ahead in developing new technologies that are established in packaging technology. Goldpack constantly invests in new technologies and that makes it possible to offer new solutions to costumers first in line. Goldpack is not an follower of development in packaging technology, it is an creator of this development.
  • Experience: Goldpack is an pioneer in field of packaging technology, being in market since pioneer times of packaging technology in 70’s of 20th century. Goldpack has rich experience from the past, that help also in planning of future.
  • Service: Goldpack puts forward to eliminate possible errors in shortest possible time. As an producer of own packaging solutions it is in advantage as spare parts are instantly ready for delivery in exceptional high percentage of cases.
  • Support: Support is most appreciated when costumer needs it. Goldpack with many experienced coworkers sets high priority to after sales activity and to constant access to counseling information.
  • Technology development: Goldpack masters most of technologies used at the packaging solutions and it is in constant search for improvement and new solutions.
  • Warranty: Goldpack was one of the first world wide producers of packaging technology to extend warrants for its products from 12 to 24 months. At the special agreement also extended 3 years and even 5 years full warranty can be offered. With this Goldpack proves its believe in the quality of own products.
  • Market leader: Goldpack is one of the market leaders between packaging technology producers. Trough many years it has proved this with high quality products and reasonable price, gaining costumers trust world wide.

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